About About Legacy Recordings

Legacy Recordings is Sony Music Entertainment’s catalog division. It was founded in 1990 by CBS Records (renamed Sony Music in 1991) under the leadership of Jerry Shulman, Richard Bauer, Gary Pacheco and Amy Herot (then the Marketing Development Department) to handle reissues of recordings from the vast catalogues of Columbia Records, Epic Records and associated labels.

About the Spotify App

The app is built on the Spotify app API (Javascript) using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The app has limited back-end requirements and uses the custom Legacy Recordings API, combined with information from the Spotify catalogue.

The project uses the same Django / Python back-end from the Legacy Recordings Website to create a full API interface. This back-end manages the artist information, provides access to upload gallery photos, and includes an intelligent and intuitive interface to update discography and featured album content.

About the Website

The project to rebuild the Legacy Recordings online brand had a few major focuses; security, off-site transaction handling, and a minimalist back-end to limit the requirements for extensive server deployment.

The project uses a Django / Python back-end to create a full API interface. This back-end manages the entire Legacy Recordings catalogue, all editorial and even artist information. It also provides the same API to the Legacy Recordings Spotify app.

The website itself is built entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript / jQuery and has no requirements for databasing, session management, or any other complex back-end. The project uses a combination of cookies, HTML5 local storage, and other smarts to give the sophistication and intelligence of a back-end without hefty servers to maintain.